The Guardians is a collection of 7777 guardians of the kingdom "Custos"

A kingdom divided into 10 cities with leaders of very different personalities and abilities.

Be part of this history and get many benefits.

Each citizen will be able to be part of an incredible adventure full of magic, challenges and powers that will

 take place in 4 different chapters.

Whoever gets a Guardian will also get the full story taking place in the NFT books distributed through AIRDROPS.

This project will lead to the real-life publication of a 4-book series, a web mini-series, and a Dungeons &

Dragons-style game with wins for all holders.

Discover everything that is coming, this is just beginning.

Be a Guardian, write your own story. 


The supply will be 7777. They will have more than 444 different traits or characteristics that will make each Guardian unique. As usual, there will be some more unique than others and you will even be able to get hold of the main protagonists of each story.


The Pegasus OG PASS guarantees early access to all collections within the "The Guardians" ecosystem and all collections created by Pegasus Studios. The OG PASS grants FREE MINT across the entire Guardians and Pegasus Studios ecosystem.  All Holders will receive airdrops, mystery boxes, gifts and double royalties for the sale of the book series. It will also be used as utility and governance token, will serve multiple purposes in the Guardians ecosystem and will be used in all Pegasus Studios projects.

It will only be 500.



This project was born from a mind that was a fan of adventure and fantasy books. The magic was part of the

everyday life and we always dream of creating our own universe.

The story of The Guardians will happen in 4 books. These books will be delivered through AIRDROP

like nft books to all holders.

Earnings from the sale of the first collection will be invested in the IRL publication of this adventure.

We will invest in the necessary publicity and the headlines will also receive a part of the profits from the

IRL sale.

Our dream is to bring our history to life.

Join us, enjoy the magic and adventure and get some $PEG.

PEGASUS COIN  ($PEG) - Airdrop

Pegasus Coin will be used as a utility and governance token, $PEG will serve multiple purposes in the The Guardians ecosystem and will be used across all Pegasus Studios projects. Holders will be able to participate in the governance of the DAO and will allow access to exclusive features of the ecosystem, such as games, events, merchandise and services. nft holders will receive airdrops of $PEG and OG Pass holders will receive double. 

More benefits and utilities will be announced.


The members-only The Guardians Merch Store will be unlocked, featuring limited-edition t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and other items. There will be gifts and raffles for the holders.This store will house all the Pegasus Studios products.


A long way

With a long way to go for Sui Mainnet, we need to make room soon. The adventure will start at Polygon to reach Sui Mainnet 

with the path covered.

The release of the collection on Polygon guarantees early access for our adventurers. With low costs and security until we meet Sui.

Until Sui Mainnet arrives, we will have to walk the road together. A Polygon release will give us the necessary tools to build the universe

 we want, and thus reach our goal with everything clearer.

Let's make The Guardians reach everyone and be ready to be guardians of Sui.

Holders of The Guardians will have unique WL opportunities from all future projects within the ecosystem that will be integrated into SUI.

Publishing the book series in real life is our goal and all owners will benefit from the publications.

IRL books can also be purchased with SUI.

Once Sui Mainnet is launched, they will receive their NFT via Airdrop. After the airdrop, 

The Guardians will definitely be on a Sui Marketplace.


Custos Lands will be NFTs that will serve as a digital land title in the Custos universe and as an access token to participate in product testing. Each virtual land will have its own composition of natural elements, resources, attributes and in some you will find powerful items that can be used in the future game. OG PASS and The Guardians  Collection holders will receive an AIRDROP from these lands.

PETS - Airdrop

Adventures are more fun if you are accompanied. All guardians will receive a pet through AIRDROP that will have unique abilities and will help them in the journey and in the future game.


The Pegasus Mystery Box will be randomly sent to Pegasus OG Pass holders.

You can get:

-NFT from other collections



-NFT 1/1




More rewards will be announced soon. 


We will develop a game that combines all the elements of the Guardians universe, the pets, the use of $PEG, the OG PASS, the powers, the lands, and more. It will be a combination of Dungeons and dragons with Sim City. We will have more details and information in the roadmap 2.0


We are working on creating dynamic NFTs. These will change their characteristics and their abilities according to the development of the story or what has been done in the game. All holders will receive these nfts via AIRDROP. You will have more information in the roadmap 2.0


There is a long way to go, many adventures ahead and much to discover. We will give many more details, much more information and we will have more challenges that you will be able to see later in Roadmap 2.0